How to Bake with Kids

You probably do not think your kids are ready to go to a professional baking school and learn the art of bread making, pastries, cakes, etc. and rightly so. But that does not mean training cannot start early.

In fact, it does not even have to be a training session, just involving your toddlers in the whole baking process can make it so much more fun and relaxing.

So here are some tips and tricks on how you get them excited while keeping them safe.

How to Bake with Kids

1. Know it will be messy

If you inviting your kids to help you bake remember you will have quite the cleaning task at hand. After all, they are kids and are bound to drop ingredients such as flour, water, eggs, etc. around the place.

To avoid this, I usually place a tablecloth over the countertop and since the tablecloth is washing machine safe, cleaning becomes a breeze. Another thing you can do is clean on the go so you won’t end up with a pile full of utensils at the end.

Even after all that if you still see stuff flying around, smile and move on (trust me, you won’t regret a bit of it).

2. Let them decide the recipe

You want your kids to participate whole-heartedly in the baking? Well, then just let them choose something they love eating. If the kids aren’t sure just show them a couple of easy to make recipes of desserts or cakes at look delicious.

If they are older, you can even task them with finding recipes through a recipe book or YouTube. Once they find the recipe, make sure they follow it to the letter.

Some kid-friendly desserts to try out


3. Be Patient

Well, your kids are bound to be making mistakes, dirty the kitchen and maybe even fool around a bit but do not let that get on your nerves or make them lose confidence due to a few wrong steps.

Baking is a great teacher of patience and perseverance for both them and you and these mistakes made now will only make them better bakers in the future.

For example, they will next time why not overfill the baking tin, why each ingredient is important, how to use the various tools and so on.

4. Try mini versions

If you have kids that are 10 or below then I would recommend using smaller tools. In fact, have ever seen people bake miniature version with tiny tools? Why not try something like that.

Not only will that be a lot of fun but it is also safe. Or else, the best thing would be to give them easier tasks like mixing with a spoon, putting the batter into the tin, roll dough, etc.

Here’s a small video on miniature baking to give you a brief idea about it.


5. Make this a habit

The more you involve them in the baking with you the more they are going to be interested in it. Just make sure you do not bore them. Use different recipes, creaming techniques, etc. to both wow them and keep them intrigued.

And when they are done baking don’t forget to give them a chunk out of it. After all, nothing like digging to a cake or cupcakes after a tiring day in the kitchen, right?