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About childsupport

Welcome to www.childsupport.in . This website is an initiative by the team at FIVE a Centre for Child Development based in Chennai , India . We have started this venture with the objective of sharing comprehensive information and support to parents, teachers, students, educational personnel, and health professionals involved in the field of Child Development. This is a gateway to an abundance of child development oriented information organized in order to make it easy for users to find and use. We intend to provide various features in the site, which will enhance the user's experience. The ultimate aim of this site is to provide information, which is useful to families. We are looking forwarding to host discussion forums, support groups, and other groups to share experience that will help and support the community. Forums between specialists in the field will facilitate sharing of information and throw light into many of the issues in the area of child development. This will also help create and maintain network between various health professionals all across the country. Learning from others knowledge and experience can enhance collaboration to provide better and effective services to the children. We invite everyone to be actively involved in our quest to promote awareness among the community at large to understand and support children with specific needs.

FIVE, with its motto "Integrating Senses" aims at enhancing the overall development of the child and augment their inclusion into the mainstream society.

We are a dedicated team of qualified professionals offering a range of health and educational services - be it counselling, just a chat with someone about your child, detailed assessment of your child's learning and developmental needs, providing integrated therapy solutions, home programs, consultancy for schools to identify specific needs of the students, setting up resource centers, remedial instruction, enhancing learning potential, support for parents, training for teachers or general awareness among the community.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark in delivery of integrated child development services in India .

Our values

We believe in uniqueness of all individuals and the power of families. We believe in interdisciplinary approach towards overall development of the child. We believe in creativity, innovation and in challenging barriers.

Our Mission

We are dedicated in enabling children with specific needs to achieve their best. We are a leader in rehabilitation, education, and advocacy. In partnership with parents, we develop and implement innovative programs and services to enhance the quality of life for children and their families.

Our objectives

  • To provide integrated therapy services in a multi-disciplinary framework.
  • To enhance support for the child in his immediate environment.
  • To fortify partnership between families/carers, service providers and community resources.
  • Dissemination of information and sharing knowledge by providing training to parents/carers, teachers, other health professionals and students.
  • To develop resources to meet the needs of our diverse communities.
  • To introduce standards that allows for flexibility in service delivery and offers a greater level of expertise.

To promote individual professional growth for members of the team and facilitate continuous enrichment of their knowledge and skills.

FIVE strives to deliver a balance of quality care and provide flexibility in the framework to allow for innovative service delivery. Our goal is to emerge as a holistic, integrated, seamless model of service provision. The FIVE service model emphasizes on the need to select a system that offers a way to augment an individual's quality of life. This includes establishing a framework in which standards are set and monitored continuously depending on a number of variables; the prime factors being:

  • The child - intervention is individual-specific.
  • Environment - where changes are brought among people, processes or settings within the child's environment, which will increase his/her, inclusion in social networks.
  • Community - bringing about attitudinal or cultural changes within the local community.

Our team is committed to providing direct, individualized, and high-quality services to various families across Chennai.

We have a specialist team comprising of:

  • Case Manager
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychologists (Clinical & Educational)
  • Special Educators
  • Physiotherapists
  • Montessori Teacher
  • Dietician
  • Social Worker

All our team members are qualified in their respective fields and certified from reputed universities. Our team has varied professional experience in providing services for children in different settings, regions across the country and few also have international experience. We guarantee the quality of our team.

The team provides support services in the immediate environment of the child by also offering school based support. Along with promoting early intervention, FIVE acknowledges the need for support at later years of adolescents and adulthood and hence designs programmes that suit these populations as well. Care packages are designed to stimulate and develop the child's creative, emotional, intellectual, lingual, physical, recreational, and social potential. Therapists use evidence base to ensure most effective therapy for the child.

Our team works towards building collaboration and partnership between families, providers, and community resources. Parents/Carers play a primary role in the upbringing; protection and development of their children, and hence empowering them to be actively involved in the process is one of our prime focuses.

The team's professional development on a continual basis is vital to the creativity of the organization. In order to maintain a skilled and motivated work force, which is capable to plan and deliver most effective high quality service, it is crucial that members of the team continue to expand their knowledge and skill base. The aim is to allow practitioners to remain competent and offer a greater level of expertise.

Other areas of focus at FIVE include resource development, organizing awareness campaigns, advocacy of introducing standards in service delivery along with dissemination of information with the provision of training to others involved with the child such as ongoing training for parents/carers, health care professionals, teachers and other educational authorities etc.

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